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By February 4, 2017 February 17th, 2017 Success Stories

Penny came to the Lexie Fund for urinating outside of the box. She was extremely anxious, yet a vibrant and healthy 12-year-old cat. A good Samaritan stepped in to help her because they knew from experience that cats of her age and with a complaint about litter box problems would never be adopted. Most likely she would have gone to a shelter and remained un-adopted and then euthanized.

We are so very grateful the Lexie Fund was able to help her. The fund assisted in supporting Penny’s care as she was treated with integrative medicine for her anxiety. She never urinated outside of the box once the stress was eliminated from her life. She now has a loving home where she provides companionship to her new mom. The Lexie Fund continues to partially support Penny by providing natural calming and arthritis supplements.

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