Popcorn Chikin’ Rescued & Recovering Following Amputation

Popcorn Chikin’ is a one-and-a-half pound kitten who was found in a ditch a few days after the May 2022 snowstorm. She was taken in by Almost Home Adoptions who contacted us to evaluate her for an injured tail. Dr. Carly and her team of technicians found her to have frostbite on her tail and ear, as well as a new injury at the base of her tail.
Since Popcorn was so little and malnourished from her time outside, they didn’t want to put her under anesthesia or pursue immediate surgery. However, within a few days, it became obvious she needed the surgery quickly as her tail became more and more infected and she got sicker. Dr. Carly and our lead surgery technician, Veronica, came in to do emergency surgery after hours. They did have to amputate her tail at the base where healthy tissue remained.
The good news is that Popcorn is a tough little redhead! She did very well and within twelve hours was playing like a kitten for the first time and sitting on her little bottom! Thanks to the generous support of our community, the Lexie Fund covered most of her surgical costs, and the doctor and nurses volunteered their time. Even though she didn’t like her little donut cone getting in the way of all her kitten fun, Popcorn has healed well with the dedicated care of her foster family.
Thank you, Lexie Fund supporters for your care of Popcorn Chikin’!

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