Marshall Fire Cats Find Help & New Homes

By April 11, 2022 Success Stories

The Lexie Fund would like to thank you for all of your generous donations that have supported so many during the aftermath of the Marshall Fire. As we all know, it takes time and resources to heal from such a tragic event. Your donations have helped many families who were fully displaced cover their pets’ medical costs and to support many animals.

Two very delightful, older cats have been rehabilitating at Harmony with The Lexie Fund’s help:

Skye is fully healed and now enjoys play time with people.

Meet Skye, a middle-aged tabby barn cat whose barn burned completely to the ground.
Skye was found hiding, scared, hungry and extremely distressed near the barn just a day or so after the fire. She is lucky to be alive, but has no microchip, and after an extensive search, has no known previous owner. When she came to us in January, she was so very thin, and would not respond with anything but a hiss and a slap. However, we have a few kitty whisperers on staff, and today we are happy to report that Skye is being social with people, loves to play and is really enjoying cuddles with her special person, who will be giving her a forever, indoor home.

Meet Marshall, a 16-year-old black male kitty who lost his home and his people.
Marshall was found near his home shortly after the fire, hiding, hungry, scared and lucky to be alive as coyotes were spotted near where they found him. He immediately went into foster care because his has significant renal failure. The Lexie Fund is paying for his continued treatment. He is a “snuggler” and a lap kitty who will need help the rest of his life. The Lexie Fund has found a forever, indoor home for him with a beautiful person who can attend to both his medical and emotional needs.

As we have already witnessed two more fires in Boulder County in the last few weeks, we are staying vigilant for the coming fire season.  The Lexie Fund has established a reserve fund that has been set aside for additional natural disaster response in the Denver Metro area.

Marshall has found an indoor, forever home and will receive ongoing support from The Lexie Fund for his advanced renal failure.

Three Simple Lessons Learned from the Marshall Fire:

  • Microchip your pet and keep the information up-to-date. Our staff is always able to help you check the chip to make sure it is current. Microchipped pets are 80% more likely to find their way home than those without chips.
  • Pack a to-go bag for yourself and your pets and have it ready at all times.
  • Get to know your neighbors as many pets were saved by neighbors helping neighbors.

As we move farther away from the Marshall fire in time, it isn’t over for the families impacted by the flames. Volunteer opportunities are still available to help this spring. The Lexie Fund will continue to support the community as it rebuilds. We are extremely fortunate and grateful for all of the support you provide The Lexie Funds. It is an honor to Lexie’s legacy to serve our community in this way!

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